Human Rights Resources
United Nations:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
American University’s international affairs graduate program created an infographic to illustrate each article of the Declaration in just a few words and an image:
The 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations
People’s Daily:
PRC Constitution
PEN International:
The PEN Report: Creativity and Constraint in Today’s China
This report arises out of five years of research and targeted advocacy on behalf of writers and journalists who have been censored or persecuted for their work in the People’s Republic of China.
Freedom House:
China, Freedom in the World 2013
The State Department
Human Rights Report 2012, China
The Congressional-Executive Commission on China 
Annual Report 2013
Center for International Media Assistance, National Endowment for Democracy
CCTV’s International Expansion: China’s Grand Strategy for Media (by Anne Nelson of Columbia University, October 2013)
The Long Shadow of Chinese Censorship: How the Communist Party’s Media Restrictions Affect News Outlets Around the World (by Sarah Cook of Freedom House, October 2013)