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By Rose Tang, published: March 24, 2014 The letter was originally posted by the author on her Facebook page. We thank her for her permission to allow China Change to repost it. –The Editor   Dear Michelle: I wasn’t the only Chinese who was totally disappointed by your speech at Peking University on Saturday. You did not mention a word about the university being a birthplace of China’s major pro-democracy movements since the early 20th century and a base for some of the country’s most prominent human rights activists, including Cao Shunli and Xu Zhiyong. You didn’t say a word about them. Legal scholar Cao died six days before you landed in Beijing. Cao, aged 53 (only three years older than you), had been detained for six […]

By YANG Jianli, published: March 18, 2014   Michelle Obama will be a terrific goodwill ambassador when she visits China later this month. She will put America’s best foot forward. The Chinese people will watch her appreciate China’s rich culture. They will see her interest in and concern for all segments of its diverse society — especially the youth — just as she has shown here in America. She and her daughters will experience the stimulating sights and sounds of my homeland, as they walk the Great Wall, gaze out over the Terra Cotta soldiers and visit the Forbidden City.   Perhaps, as they view the vastness of Tiananman Square, they will also ponder its tragic history and the looming 25th anniversary of the Massacre there.  […]

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