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November 6, 2016 Mr. Yao Lifa (姚立法) has been an advocate of grassroots elections in China since 1998. – The Editors       We live on the lowest rung of society; we yearn for a brighter future.      We think that changing the status quo isn’t as arduous as some people make out — because we can vote. We have the right to elect the electorate group leader and deputy group leader in our constituency, We have the right to jointly nominate preliminary candidates for People’s Representative elections, We have the right to be nominated as preliminary candidates for People’s Representative elections, Our approval or disapproval of preliminary candidates is the basis on which the election committee decides the formal list of candidates for People’s Representative […]

Mo Zhixu, July 1, 2016 2016 is also an election year in China, in case you are not aware of it.     A struggle is once again brewing in Wukan. Four years ago, after a protracted struggle during which village representative Xue Jinbo (薛锦波) lost his life under mysterious circumstances in police custody, the people of Wukan were able to elect a village leader that they trusted. But several years later, they still haven’t been able to win back their rights and things have again become unsettled. Police recently detained Lin Zulian (林祖恋), the elected head of Wukan’s village committee, and then put him on television to confess to accepting bribes. And in just the past few days in Gansu Province, independent candidates for […]

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