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About is a website devoted to news and commentary related to civil society, rule of law, and rights activities in China. It works with China’s democracy advocates to bring their voices into English and to help the rest of the world understand what people are thinking and doing to effect change in China. On many occasions our reports provided leads for major media outlets, and on others it translated key documents, such as Xu Zhiyong’s The New Citizens’ Movement, long before media and China watchers became aware of them.

The website has its roots in the popular blog Seeing Red in China. Our reports or translations have been linked and/or cited by the New York Times, the Economist, BBC, the Atlantic, and Congressional hearings over the last two years and is collected by Columbia University’s human rights website collections.

Yaxue CaoYaxue grew up in northern China during the Cultural Revolution, and went to college at Peking University in Beijing. She came to the United States to study literature in 1991 and stayed. She currently lives in Washington, DC. You can reach her at, or follow her (@YaxueCao) and/or the China Change website (@ChinaChange_org) on Twitter.

Tom speaks fluent Mandarin with a background in East Asian Studies and Anthropology. He lived in China for five years until the summer of 2012. He taught and worked there, but most importantly (from Yaxue’s perspective anyway), he created the SRIC blog and wrote over 400 insightful posts that continue to attract readers. He currently lives in Indiana and can be found on Twitter too (@seeingredchina).

If you wish to do volunteer translation for the site, please contact Yaxue at