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Q & A with Peter Dahlin, the Swedish NGO Worker Who ‘Endangered the National Security’ of China
January 3, 2017

This Q & A can be read as a companion piece to the Guardian report with more on Dahlin’s work, the interrogations, and the legal aspect of his case. As China’s “Law on the Management of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations” took effect on January 1, 2017, we hope the conversation offers insight and perspective. – The Editors

CHINA CHANGE: Peter, you are a Swedish national; on January 3, 2016, you were taken into custody by Chinese national security agents for allegedly “endangering national security.” It was not until nine days later that the international press reported that you had been disappeared on your way to the Beijing airport. Then, on January 15 and 19, the Global Times and the Xinhua News Agency reported your detention.... Proceed to view....

Human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong

held in secret detention

since Nov. 21, 2016


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