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Luo Shengchun, August 31, 2020 I I was in Hawaii with my daughters on Christmas break when I heard that Jiaxi (丁家喜) had been detained. I was climbing a hiking trail by the sea, my girls splashing in the water at the beach below. The sky and the sea were a brilliant blue; the white sand beach stretched endless in the afternoon sun. A friend, in whose Beijing apartment Jiaxi had been staying, called telling me that on the evening of the 26th, police with Shandong accents took Jiaxi away, searching the house inside-out in the process. They destroyed the combination lock and didn’t give any kind of legal documentation for the police action. Our family had been planning this trip to Hawaii for years. […]
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  • A Genocidal War Waged by a Gigantic Empire Against a Tiny Poet

    A Genocidal War Waged by a Gigantic Empire Against a Tiny Poet

    Liao Yiwu, October 6, 2020  As of today, poet Wang Zang (王藏) has been incarcerated for 130 days and his wife (王丽芹) for 112 days. It’s unclear who is taking care of their four children. It appears that all news about them has been cut off. — The Editors In the middle of the night on May 30, 2020, more …
  • Supporting CHINA CHANGE

    Supporting CHINA CHANGE

    For the first time, China Change has made a brief promotional video to appeal for support from Chinese-Americans who have immigrated from mainland China . Of equal importance is to breach a topic from which this vast community has chosen to stay away, intentionally or otherwise. It’s about time. — The Editors
  • Some Fundamentals Regarding China’s ‘Government-designated Lawyers’

    Some Fundamentals Regarding China’s ‘Government-designated Lawyers’

    Chen Chunyi, September 24, 2020 Due to the arrest of the 12 Hong Kong residents who were brought to Shenzhen to face charges, the phenomenon of “government-designated lawyers” (官派律师, i.e. those approved by the Chinese authorities to represent defendants in politically sensitive cases) has attracted widespread attention from the international community. In fact, this crude and malign method has long …
  • Heiko Maas, Nathan Law is More Important Than Wang Yi

    Heiko Maas, Nathan Law is More Important Than Wang Yi

    Chang Ping, September 4, 2020 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in Berlin [on September 1], marking a successful end to the former’s multi-country visit to Europe. However, the way the visit was concluded was not determined by Wang Yi, nor the Chinese government he represents, but in line with the human rights valued …
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