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Cataloging the Torture of Lawyers in China
By China Change, published: July 5, 2015

Violent beatings to the head, electric shocks, forced feeding, injection with drugs, sexual violence, suffocation, denial of toilet, solitary confinement, forced smoke inhalation, and burning.

These are some of the forms of torture that Chinese security forces have taken up against lawyers in China, in particular those who dare to use the law as an instrument to protect individual rights, and by corollary limit the arbitrary use of power by the Chinese Communist Party.

The brutalization of these lawyers is documented in detail in a new report by the Hong Kong-based Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (《中国律师酷刑个案概览(2006-2015)》. Despite the report's detail -- it looks at the abuse of 34 lawyers, and runs to nearly 50 pages -- a version of it has not yet appeared in English. Keep Reading...

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