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Testimony: American Universities Are Chess Pieces in China’s Grand Quest for Advanced Science and Technology
By Yaxue Cao, published: June 27, 2015

Dear members of the Subcommittee,

I’m pleased to have this opportunity to speak today about the Chinese government’s policies on joint higher education ventures, its mechanisms of controlling them, the Party’s presence in these ventures, and the regime’s severe suppression of academic freedom in Chinese universities.

In 2003, China first issued the Regulation on Chinese-foreign Cooperative Education (《中华人民共和国中外合作办学条例 》) to set the rules for joint-venture higher education programs. Between 2004 and 2007, China issued several follow-up regulatory documents regarding the implementation of the initial regulation. In 2010, China promulgated the National Plan for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development (2010 – 2020).... Keep Reading...

Tiananmen Massacre Changed China, & the World


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