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Guo Feixiong: Willing to Be Cannon Fodder, Will Be a Monument
By Xiao Shu

Guo Feixiong (郭飞雄, pen name of Yang Maodong) was arrested on August 8, 2013, and indicted on June 19, 2014, on charges of “gathering a crowd to disturb order in a public place.” Specifically, he is accused of organizing a demonstration outside the Southern Weekly headquarters during the paper’s New Year Greetings incident in January 2013, and of planning to hold signs in eight cities in the spring of 2013 calling for officials to disclose assets and for China to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. But cowardly, the indictment made no mention of his call for press freedom, asset disclosure and the ratification of ICCPR. His lawyer Sui Muqing stated that the case against Guo Feixiong is nothing but blatant political persecution against an influential activist. – the Editor

Guo Feixiong and I have been friends for years. Since I was expelled from the Southern Weekly by direct order from Beijing in 2011, I have often stayed .... Keep Reading...

Hong Kongers March for Democracy, July 1, 2014 


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