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Friends Gone to Jail – Chinese Activists Kou Yanding and Guo Yushan
By Zeng Jinyan

“Watching his friends, who happen to be the hope of a better China, going to prison one after another, is more than personal shame. It is the shame of our time.”

Kou Yanding was taken away by police in Beijing on October 9th for “picking quarrels and provoking disturbances.” So was Guo Yushan on the same day on the same charge.

Two days before that, Kou Yanding, otherwise known as Button, was free in Hong Kong, helping me make a breakfast of eggs in noodle soup in my kitchen. To her friends in the NGO circle, Kou Yanding is a bestselling author on such incendiary subjects as trying on parliamentary procedures in Chinese villages and endurance walking. To my daughter, she is Auntie Button. This past year, on her numerous trips to Hong Kong, Yanding slept on my living room couch, or else took the top of my bunk bed. She would take my daughter to the park and clown around with her ...... Keep Reading...

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