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Taiwan Interview Series (2): Lin Ping-yu, Member of New Taipei City Council
Lin studied Taiwan-PRC relations, focusing on the CCP's United Front Work in Taiwan. He worked as an aide to Democratic Progressive Party council members in Taipei and New Taipei City prior to running office. He served in the Special Forces of Taiwan's army before as part of the country’s compulsory active duty military service for men. We spoke [...] Keep reading »
Taiwan Interview Series (1): Ho Cheng-hui, CEO of Kuma Academy
"The Taiwan Interview Series" is a result of a China Change team going around Taiwan for 30 days in Nov. and Dec, 2022. The time frame for the trip was deliberately chosen to observe the local elections against the backdrop of China’s military threat, and to take measure of Taiwanese attitudes towards totalitarian China as they enjoy their robust [...] Keep reading »
The Choice Facing the Taiwanese People: Moving Towards Greater Enlightenment, or Falling Back to the Dark Age of Dictatorship?
Tsao Hsing-cheng, January 18, 2023 Is that even a choice? — you may ask. China is this mammoth totalitarian giant, and Taiwan, small as it is, is a vibrant democracy with formidable technological prowess. In one survey after another, over 80% of Taiwanese are against “reunification” with China under “One Country, Two Systems,” and ove [...] Keep reading »
A Good Country, A Good People – Thirty Days Around Taiwan
Yaxue Cao, December 31, 2022 In the coming weeks and months, China Change will start publishing a series of interviews conducted in Taiwan during a recent trip. The following article may be taken as an introduction to the series. Stay tuned. — The Editors A Trip to Taiwan  In early November, I embarked on a four-week trip to Taiwan, propelle [...] Keep reading »
Signs of China (1)
China Change, September 16, 2018   Unsettling news from China has been emerging in a constant stream for some time now, in news, on social media and from our own sources in the country. Not every new development is suited to a fully fleshed-out analysis, and as with so much to do with China, many reports and developments cannot be immediately [...] Keep reading »
China Change Taiwan Out of the UN: Unfair to Taiwan and Harmful to Global Interests
Yang Jianli, September 22, 2017     Recently, the long detained Taiwanese citizen and human rights activist Lee Ming-che appeared in a bogus trial in Chinese courts and was forced to plead guilty to “subverting (Chinese) state power”. Outraged family members and Taiwanese supporters might want to come to the United Nations’ human [...] Keep reading »
China Change ‘I have decided to travel to Beijing, find out what is going on, and rescue my husband’: A Statement by Wife of Taiwanese NGO Worker Lee Ming-che
March 31, 2017 Taiwanese pro-democracy activist Lee Ming-che disappeared on March 19 after clearing immigration in Macau. China has confirmed that Lee is being investigated on suspicion of ‘pursuing activity harmful to national security.’ This is an unauthorized translation of his wife’s statement. — The Editors   Lee Ching-yu& [...] Keep reading »
China Change Chinese Twitter Users Unsettled at Appointment of New Managing Director
By Yaxue Cao, April 17, 2016 This story has been updated.    On Thursday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the new managing director of Twitter for the Greater China region. By Saturday the news had excited a fierce reaction among Twitter users in China. It’s well known that Twitter, YouTube, Google and other major social media networks ar [...] Keep reading »
China Change The ‘1992 Consensus’: Rather Than Asking Tsai Ing-wen, Ask Xi Jinping Instead
By Hu Ping, published: January 24, 2016 The “1992 consensus,” the outcome of a meeting between representatives of the Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), refers to the putative agreement that there is only “one China,” but that each side is able to interpret the meaning of that one China differently. For the KMT, [...] Keep reading »
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