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China Change Testimony: American Universities Are Chess Pieces in China’s Grand Quest for Advanced Science and Technology
Yaxue Cao, founder and editor of House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Hearing: Is Academic Freedom Threatened by China’s Influence on U.S. Universities? June 25, 2015 (This is an abbreviation of the full testimony)   Dear members of the Subcommittee, I’m pleased to have this opportunity to speak today about t [...] Keep reading »
China Change Re-ideologizing Chinese Universities
By Hu Shaojiang, published: February 10, 2015 Bring back thought policing……    Yesterday [January 29], the Chinese Minister of Education Yuan Guiren (袁贵仁) called in a conference for the implementation of “The Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving Propaganda and Ideological Work in Higher Education under the New C [...] Keep reading »
China Change New York University Shanghai: What Is the Deal?
By Yaxue Cao, published: February 5, 2015     A recent event prompted me to look into New York University Shanghai. I was rather surprised by what I found. This article pieces together my findings which include information available through the media as well as websites, in the spirit of “tossing out a brick hoping to attract a gem  ( [...] Keep reading »
China Change Take a Considered Position through Disciplined Thinking – An Open Letter to Wellesley College
By Fengsuo Zhou, Yaxue Cao, published: November 4, 2014   We did not foresee writing this letter. We didn’t think it was necessary. All we need to do, we thought, is to present facts to the public, including the Wellesleyans. And we thought that truth is the only thing that matters, and that, before racism and McCarthyism become issues, the [...] Keep reading »
China Change A Letter to Wellesley College
By Yaxue Cao, published: October 26, 2014 Almost a year ago, I posted a report titled “Why Is a Math Professor at Wellesley So Hard Hitting against an Economics Professor Fired by Peking University in China” on this website. This week, on October 22, the story entered a second season when the math professor in question – Professor C [...] Keep reading »
China Change A Letter to the Newton (Massachusetts) Community
By Fengsuo Zhou, Yaxue Cao, published: June 11, 2014 Henry Degroot is a student at Newton North High School, Massachusetts. He wrote a pro-democracy note in a Chinese student’s notebook during an exchange program in Beijing and signed it. A Chinese teacher found out. Henry was detained for five hours, forced to apologize by his American teach [...] Keep reading »
China Change Intellectual Discourses in Post-Mao China and Today
 By Xu Youyu, published: May 24, 2014   Dear Editor, In late 2012, on behalf of the Louis Green Lecture committee of Monash University, I invited Professor Xu Youyu, who I had never met before, to fly to Australia to deliver a public lecture. My recommendation of Prof Xu to the Committee was simply out of profound admiration for his outstanding s [...] Keep reading »
China Change My Ideals and the Career Path I Have Chosen
By Ilham Tohti, published: April 6, 2014   On January 15, 2014, Chinese authorities arrested Ilham Tohti, a Uighur economics professor at the prestigious Minzu University in Beijing. Authorities formally charged him with separatism on February 25, and have so far denied him access to his attorney. For years, Tohti has discussed and commented on [...] Keep reading »
China Change Why Is a Math Professor at Wellesley So Hard Hitting against an Economics Professor Fired by Peking University in China?
By Yaxue Cao, published: November 25, 2013   To be sure, there is nothing wrong about a math professor—or a marine biologist, an astronaut, an alchemist, for that matter–speaking out against Professor Xia Yeliang, defending Peking University’s decision to fire the professor of Economics who “happens to be” a dissident and a critic of [...] Keep reading »
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