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China Change Re-thinking Chinese Stability
As I’ve mentioned before, the Party’s greatest concern is stability. It’s a phrase used so often when glossing over corruption, censorship, and human rights abuses, that it’s almost become a joke for those of us who spend far too much time reading the People’s Daily. In the after math of the Egypt protests the People&# [...] Keep reading »
China Change Protests In Inner Mongolia – Is This Really About Race?
The historical viewpoint that we looked at yesterday seems likely to be the one taken by many ethnic Mongolians, as well as Western journalists. While many of the issues raised will need to be addressed, I think it’s important to consider the bigger picture that these protests are a part of. Han vs. Minority Group This first viewpoint has bee [...] Keep reading »
China Change Is China Headed For An Economic Crash?
I had a great discussion with a German man on the train yesterday, and thought you might find it interesting. He is in the garment manufacturing business and works for a large German chain similar to The GAP or H&M, and has been in China for 3 years. In our conversation we talked about a variety of topics: Manufacturing, GDP growth, High speed [...] Keep reading »
China Change A New Path Out of Poverty?
Today a provincial gov’t announced a new relocation project that would move 2.8 million people from their homes, nearly twice as many as were moved for the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. This project though is not to clear the way for a massive new infrastructure project, but is instead aimed at poverty alleviation and avoiding disasters. [...] Keep reading »
China Change The First Village of China – A Trip to Huaxi
Every once in a while I start to wonder if I will run out of material for this blog…then I have a ridiculous weekend like this one and realize that there is still so so so much more to talk about. Even though many of you have read more than 100 posts here, we are still just a few inches beneath the surface, and luckily for us, that is where a [...] Keep reading »
China Change At What Point Does China Become a Superpower?
I have wanted to write this series since I went back to the US this February and noticed a palpable change. It seemed like people were no longer talking about China as a kind of economic miracle, those thoughts had been replaced by a growing anxiety over what it might mean for China to be a superpower. This week we are going to be taking a look at [...] Keep reading »
China Change Another Look at China in Africa
I stumbled across this short documentary about Chinese immigrants living in Senegal and thought some of you might enjoy another look at this topic. If you missed my 3-part series (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) on China’s Growing African Empire, I would suggest reading that along with this documentary. I found that this film focused much mo [...] Keep reading »
China Change Can “Culture” be a Problem?
For those of you who are sensitive to political correctness, brace yourselves… Cultures sometimes have customs that are detrimental to their people. We all know that this is true to some extent, but many of us are afraid to say it out loud. I’m thinking specifically of two customs here in China, spitting and public urination. It may not be PC, [...] Keep reading »
China Change China’s Growing African Empire – The Ugly
Earlier this week I brought you the good and the bad that has come out of China’s role in Africa, today we are focusing on the truly ugly. Violence and Abuse A large portion of China’s investments in Africa have been targeted at the extraction of valuable metals. Over the past few years a number of disturbing reports have come out of several co [...] Keep reading »
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