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China Change China’s SOE Reform: Privatization or Taking over the Private Sector?
By He Qinglian, published: September 30, 2015   A flood of commentary has come out since the release of the long-anticipated Guiding Opinions on Strengthening and Reform of State-Owned Enterprises (《中共中央、国务院关于深化国有企业改革的指导意见》; “SOE Reform Program” or “Program” hereafter), jointly issued b [...] Keep reading »
China Change What’s the Murderous Intention Behind “Don’t Let Li Ka-shing Run Away”?
By Xiao Zhonghua, published: September 19, 2015 “Everyone understands that, in China, the real estate business is closely entwined with power, and it has no way to succeed without the backing of political connections. Therefore, wealth generated from real estate is not wealth generated completely from the market economy. [He] can’t exit just be [...] Keep reading »
China Change “Money Flies, Heart Throbs” — Recent Chinese State Media Commentaries on the Stock Market
China Change, published: July 10, 2015 Before China’s recent, painful reckoning with the share markets, official media channels were abuzz with the limitless prospects for bountiful equity prices well into the future (“decades,” one optimistic commentator intoned.) Now, as retail investors grapple with their losses, and the full extent of the [...] Keep reading »
China Change Under the China Dome – A Reality Check
By Yaxue Cao, published: March 9, 2015 China’s left foot wants to go north, and China’s right foot wants to go south. Both feet have the same goal, and, that is, to maintain the one-party rule.   When I first watched Chai Jing’s Under the Dome a week ago, my response was like everyone else’s: “Bravo!” In early 2013, shortly after t [...] Keep reading »
China Change Absentees, Raise Your Hands!
By Liu Yu, published: February 25, 2015 “You see?  No hands are raised by those who are absent in the classroom.  Everyone is here. What a wonderful class!”   I complain about China now and then, and a friend of mine pointed out my failing to appreciate it. “China is in great shape now,” she pointed to the window. “Can’t you see? [...] Keep reading »
China Change What Kind of a Place Is Zhaoyuan?
A slice of China. By Shun Ni, published: June 20, 2014   Zhaoyuan is my hometown. The Baidu Encyclopedia tells us that Zhaoyuan (招远) is one of the top one hundred counties in China. It was established as Zhaoyuan County in the year 1131. As of the end of 2013, the population was 565,900, and the county was comprised of four thoroughfares a [...] Keep reading »
China Change Dream of Ding Village – Book Review
Dream of Ding Village by Yan Lianke is the Man Asian Literary Prize nominated story of a small village in Henan as it is ravaged by the AIDS epidemic that spread through central China nearly a decade ago (and continues to devastate communities to this day). Even though it is a work of fiction, the author is a respected anthropologist who did a larg [...] Keep reading »
China Change “They told us to love the Chinese and ‘look East’ for solutions” – Stories of China in Africa
As we looked at yesterday, China may not be as welcomed in Africa as some authors might argue. My friends told me a few stories after reflecting on our first discussion that I thought should be shared, but didn’t quite fit into yesterday’s post.* Friend from Zambia You know, it’s probably not fair to think that the Chinese are onl [...] Keep reading »
China Change Beijing, a Boon for Africa? – A discussion with Africans in China about China in Africa
I recently read Dambisa Moyo’s NYT op-ed “Beijing, a Boon for Africa.” After wrestling with a few questions that came up for me in the piece, I realized that this was a topic far beyond me and decided to ask my African friends here in China what they thought. The three men I chatted with come from Zambia (the same as Moyo), Zimbab [...] Keep reading »
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