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China Change The Education Gap
At this conference we’ve been discussing some of the recent studies about the massive gap between rural and urban education. For example: Urban children are 6.3 times more likely to attend college than their rural counterparts, and when rural children do go on for further studies it is usually a 2 or 3 year program. For us to get further into [...] Keep reading »
China Change Mental Health in China – a personal case
This continues a series we’ve been reading on physical disabilities and mental handicaps. In China only a tiny amount of funding goes into mental health, even though it is estimated that roughly 1.5% of the population suffer from serious mental illnesses (that’s nearly 15 million people). In the past few years there have been a growing [...] Keep reading »
China Change Chinese Students Want American Schools
A few months ago America tossed itself into panic mode again, like it does every year when it realizes how low our students are ranked on standardized tests. So it may surprise some of you to learn that despite China’s number 1 ranking on the tests this year, the best Chinese students all want to go somewhere else for college. I had a number [...] Keep reading »
China Change Please Vote For Me – An Attempt at Democracy in the Chinese Classroom
Please Vote for Me caught my eye because I was interested to see what exactly would happen when a Chinese teacher tried to introduce Democracy to the classroom. The film follows a group of 3rd graders in an elementary school in Wuhan to observe the students’ experiment with democracy. The film starts with the teacher explaining to her rowdy class [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Future of Education in China
My wife pointed out to me last night that over the last few days I had fairly completely torn apart the Chinese educational system. My goal in writing these posts was not meant as a way of proclaiming the complete failure of the schools. So today I’d like to focus on the parts of the educational system that show great promise, but still need a bi [...] Keep reading »
China Change Cheating with Chinese Characteristics
Yesterday I detailed the many ways in which school officials cheat to pass inspections, so it’s no surprise that teachers often turn a blind eye to cheating in the classroom. Cheating/copying is pervasive throughout China, in every level of education and industry. A gov’t spokesperson even went so far as to say that copying was a kind of innova [...] Keep reading »
China Change Chinese Education Evaluators Are Passing Failing Schools
I know I promised more on creativity, but education is a big topic, and I think if you read through the comments on yesterday’s post, you will find a wealth of information on that topic. In China every college/university goes through a thorough inspection every 2 years (inspections are common in all institutions in China). This process is mea [...] Keep reading »
China Change Creative Thinking Is Too Often Absent From the Chinese Classroom
Yesterday we looked briefly at a typical lesson in a Chinese classroom, today we’ll continue looking at education in China by exploring the ways in which the system works against creative thinking. I hope to further illustrate the methodology used in Chinese classrooms, and discuss why these methods are so prevalent. First I would like to highlig [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Strongest Students
This is part Four of a series on childhood in Rural China. Part One. Part Two. Part Three. When I first arrived in China my friend Kyle made an excellent point. He told me that it was impossible to fully understand our students, because they have overcome tragedies and obstacles greater than we could ever imagine. At the time I thought that it was [...] Keep reading »
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