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China Change Workers Stranded in Saipan Without Pay Wrote Letter to Chinese Consulate
May 1, 2017     Honorable Consulate of the People’s Republic of China: We are 92 Chinese workers currently in Saipan. We worked for Gold Mantis Decoration LLC at the construction site of Imperial Pacific’s casino. In China, we paid 30,000-50,000 RMB [US $4,350-7,250] for the opportunity to work in America. We worked 13 hours every day [...] Keep reading »
China Change Miner Protests in the Northeast and the End of China’s Economic Boom
By Wu Qiang, March 17, 2015   As photos of the protests by Shuangyashan miners make the rounds on social media, we are witnessing a crucial turning point in China’s history: the beginning of a long depression, of the type predicted to take place in cycles by Russian economist Nikolai Kondratiev. After 25 years of continual growth beginning i [...] Keep reading »
China Change ‘In Winter-frozen Earth, Spring Starts to Quicken’
A 2016 New Year’s Message from China’s Labor Community   Dear fellow workers, compatriots, and friends from around the world: Happy New Year! Toward the end of 2015, the labor community in China experienced an unprecedented attack. A group of activists who have dedicated years to defending the rights and interests of workers were d [...] Keep reading »
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