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China Change Second Interview With the Wenzhou Pastor: After the Demolition Comes the “Transformations”
By Yaxue Cao and Pastor L, published: December 15, 2015 This interview was conducted on November 23, 2015.   Yaxue Cao (YC): Paster L, I interviewed you in late July at the height of the Chinese government’s cross-removal campaign. The campaign of demolishing churches and removing crosses had lasted a year and half by then, and several large [...] Keep reading »
China Change China Harshly Sentences Founder of Huazang Dharma
China Change, November 3, 2015   Wu Zeheng (吴泽衡), the founder of Guangdong-based Buddhist group Huazang Dharma, was sentenced to life in prison and lifetime deprivation of political rights on October 30, according to China’s official Xinhua News Agency. Wu was also levied a fine of 7.15 million yuan. The Zhuhai Intermediate People’s [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Work of Lawyer Zhang Kai: ‘I Have God as My Backer’
A Report by the Initium Media, published: August 31, 2015 Zhang Kai (张凯), a prominent Chinese rights lawyer who has been living for a year among Christians in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, and assisting in their litigation against the government’s encroachments, disappeared with his assistant on Aug. 25. They are understood to have been taken [...] Keep reading »
China Change Christian Sentiment in Zhejiang Against Cross Removal: Three Statements
By China Change, published: August 7, 2015   The ongoing forced demolition of crosses, and in some cases entire churches, taking place in Zhejiang is an extraordinary occurrence: the Chinese government appears determined to remove all traces of the symbol of Christianity in the public realm, with no regard to the antagonism it is provoking amo [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Ongoing War Against Religion in China
By Zhao Chu, published: August 4, 2015 This article has been making the rounds on social media in China. It was published a year ago following the demolition of churches or crosses in the prosperous coastal Zhejiang province (watch a Telegraph video here). China Change’s recent interview with a local pastor sheds more light on the still ongoing c [...] Keep reading »
China Change Interview with a Wenzhou Pastor: The Chinese Government’s Large-Scale Destruction of Crosses in Zhejiang Province
By Yaxue Cao, published: July 29, 2015 Yaxue spoke with Pastor L in Wenzhou on July 26.   YC: I began paying attention to the demolition of churches and tearing-down of crosses in Zhejiang last year after reading many international media reports on the demolition of the Sanjiang Church (三江教堂) in Wenzhou. Recently there’s been a resurgenc [...] Keep reading »
China Change House Church Members in Beijing Criminally Detained for Alleged “Illegal Assembly”
By China Change, published: February 12, 2014   On January 24, 2014, when all eyes were on the New Citizens Movement trials, in Tongzhou District, Beijing (北京通州区), police detained more than a dozen house church Christians and, two days later on January 26, 12 of them were announced to have been criminally detained. In recent days, ri [...] Keep reading »
China Change Eastern Lightning may be a cult, but they still have rights
As you’ve likely already heard, thousands of doomsday predictors have been arrested throughout China as part of the “evil cult” Eastern Lightning. Unfortunately many Chinese Christians are willing to dismiss them as a cult and agree with their treatment, but these arrests should concern everyone advocating for human rights in Chin [...] Keep reading »
China Change Chinese Christians are filling vital roles in their communities (and a rant)
In my visits to rural villages in China I have been impressed by the ability of local churches to identify needs, and design projects to meet them. Often these projects rely solely on volunteers and donations from believers. Today I want to share a few examples of projects undertaken by Chinese churches and the impact they are having on their comm [...] Keep reading »
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