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China Change “In Prison with Dr. Wang Bingzhang”
Times Square, 47th St. and Broadway, New York. Ongoing since Sept. 9, 2013. Dr. Wang Bingzhang (王炳章) was among the first Chinese sent overseas by the Chinese government to study science and technology in late 1970s when Deng Xiaoping opened up China. He was the very first Chinese to obtain a PhD (in medicine) when he graduated from McGill Uni [...] Keep reading »
China Change Urgent Statement Regarding the Criminal Detention of Wang Gongquan
By Liu Suli, Guo Yushan and Xiao Shu, published: September 13, 2013 Around 11:30 am on September 13, 2013, Beijing time, two dozen or so police officers arrived at the home of Mr. Wang Gongquan (王功权), and took him away with them after searching for two hours. At 8:17 pm, the police announced that Mr. Wang was criminally detained, and a notice [...] Keep reading »
China Change Politically-Motivated Farce against Popular Microblogger Backfires
By, published: August 31, 2013   Chinese authorities have recently intensified a campaign against social media “rumor mongers” and the so-called Big Vs, or verified accounts by celebrities with a large number of followers, who are critical of the regime. Nationwide, hundreds have been arrested for online expression, and ear [...] Keep reading »
China Change Law Professor Suspended from Teaching for Pro-Constitutionalism Expressions
By   Publishied: August 25, 2013 Last week, associate professor Zhang Xuezhong (张雪忠) of East China University of Politics and Law in Shanghai was notified that he was stripped of his qualifications to teach at the university. According to Dr. Zhang, the university’s Human Resources office told him that the decision was mad [...] Keep reading »
China Change Prominent Rights Activist Guo Feixiong Criminally Detained
By Last weekend, the Guangzhou-based dissident and activist Guo Fengxiong (郭飞雄, real name Yang Maodong 杨茂东) was reported missing for several days. A local source later tweeted that he was safe but on Saturday, August 17, Guo’s sister, as well as his lawyer, confirmed to the media that he had been criminally detained si [...] Keep reading »
China Change What Crimes Did Liu Ping Commit?
By China Change, published: July 31, 2013 Liu Ping (刘萍) is a laid-off worker and rights activist from Xinyu, Jiangxi Province (江西新余). On April 21, 2013, Li Ping, her local friends and several visitors — about a dozen or so in all — went on the street outside her apartment building and held up posters in support of activists [...] Keep reading »
China Change Xu Zhiyong Criminally Detained, Home Searched
Published: July 16, 2013 According to our sources, Xu Zhiyong (许志永), one of China’s best known dissidents and activists, has been criminally detained on Tuesday, July 16. Per an earlier report by weiquanwang (维权网) and information circulated on Twitter,  Dr. Xu was taken away from his Beijing home Tuesday afternoon, and his compute [...] Keep reading »
China Change Help Ye Haiyan!
Published: July 6, 2013 On May 27, Ye Haiyan (叶海燕), perhaps China’s best-known activist for women’s rights, protested that a local school principal and a government official molested or raped six school girls in a hotel in Wangning, Hainan. She stood in the sweltering heat of the subtropics holding a hand-written sign: “Ask me to have s [...] Keep reading »
China Change Du Bin and His Book “Tian’anmen Massacre”
  Published: June 23, 2013   I didn’t know who Du Bin (杜斌) was until recently when he had made, and released in Hong Kong and online, a documentary (1 hour, with subtitles) about the atrocities at Masanjia Women’s Labor Camp, following an exposé by The Lens magazine in April. Predictably, the online uproar was quickly censored, the [...] Keep reading »
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