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China Change A Moment of Patriotism
By Yaxue Cao, published: November 9, 2013   I’m not the flag-waving sort; whatever flag it is. I’m wary of the word “patriotism.” As someone who grew up in China and now an amateur China watcher, it is downright ugly. What it immediately evokes, in me anyway, is government-incited demonstrators on the street who shout patriotic slogans [...] Keep reading »
China Change Farewell to Xia Junfeng
One month after the street vendor was executed. By Ji Ye, published: October 24, 2013   On September 25, 2013, Xia Junfeng was executed. I was saddened and felt low for days. I have been paying attention to this name for more than two years, but what I care about is not the legal aspect of it. To us onlookers, we have no access to the core ev [...] Keep reading »
China Change A Permanent Member of the UN Security Council Must Be Bound by the International Bill of Human Rights
By Bao Tong, published: October 24, 2013   While the Chinese Communist Party has been crusading against the universal values domestically, the Chinese government is vigorously seeking to become a member of the UN Human Rights Council this fall. We laud the latter’s aspiration. As a Chinese citizen, I hope China will fulfill its wish. But Chi [...] Keep reading »
China Change Bo Xilai Might Be Done with but Chongqing Model Lives on
By Mo Zhixu, published: September 30, 2013     On Sunday, September 22, 2013, Jinan Intermediate Court sentenced Bo Xilai to life imprisonment while stripping him of his political rights for life. As such, the incident begun by Wang Lijun (王立军) entering the US Consulate in Chengdu on February 6, 2012, has come to an end nineteen months [...] Keep reading »
China Change Current Rumor Crackdown in China a Tip of a Large Policy Iceberg
By Rogier Creemers, published: September 18, 2013 First published at as part of the conversation What’s Behind China’s Recent Internet Crackdown   I’d say that the current rumor crackdown is just the tip of a very large policy iceberg. Internet control sits at the confluence of a number of policy streams, which together c [...] Keep reading »
China Change Who Are the Enemies of China?
By Xu Zhiyong, published: September 11, 2013   A Look Back in History Who are the enemies of China? It used to be a horrifying question. History books used to say that imperialist America was China’s enemy, and John Leighton Stuart, who was taunted by Mao Zedong, represented the ugly image of American imperialism. In recent years however, w [...] Keep reading »
China Change Beijing Observation: Xi Jinping Unsheathes the Shangfang Sword
And points it in two directions. By Gao Yu, published: September 6, 2013     According to Xinhua reports last year and this year, it looks like the CCP’s Beidaihe enclave now has a fixed calendar. Last year, the start of the enclave was marked by the leader-to-be Xi Jinping meeting with experts and grassroots talent vacationing at the s [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Confessions of a Reactionary
By Teng Biao, published: August 27, 2013 (The article first appeared in Life and Death in China (a multi-volume anthology of 50+ witness accounts of Chinese government persecution and 30+ essays by experts in human rights in China). When I wrote it, Xu Zhiyong was under house arrest; when it was published, he had already moved to the Beijing Third [...] Keep reading »
China Change Subversion By Way of Laughter
By Hu Ping Published: August 16, 2013   In China, we live in a time of absurdity unparalleled in history. It is particularly so because everyone knows its absurdity and ridiculousness, but still carries on nonetheless. This is because China is still a one party dictatorship under the Communist Party. The CCP has committed many atrocities that [...] Keep reading »
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