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China Change Who Are the Enemies of China?
By Xu Zhiyong, published: September 11, 2013   A Look Back in History Who are the enemies of China? It used to be a horrifying question. History books used to say that imperialist America was China’s enemy, and John Leighton Stuart, who was taunted by Mao Zedong, represented the ugly image of American imperialism. In recent years however, w [...] Keep reading »
China Change Beijing Observation: Xi Jinping Unsheathes the Shangfang Sword
And points it in two directions. By Gao Yu, published: September 6, 2013     According to Xinhua reports last year and this year, it looks like the CCP’s Beidaihe enclave now has a fixed calendar. Last year, the start of the enclave was marked by the leader-to-be Xi Jinping meeting with experts and grassroots talent vacationing at the s [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Confessions of a Reactionary
By Teng Biao, published: August 27, 2013 (The article first appeared in Life and Death in China (a multi-volume anthology of 50+ witness accounts of Chinese government persecution and 30+ essays by experts in human rights in China). When I wrote it, Xu Zhiyong was under house arrest; when it was published, he had already moved to the Beijing Third [...] Keep reading »
China Change Subversion By Way of Laughter
By Hu Ping Published: August 16, 2013   In China, we live in a time of absurdity unparalleled in history. It is particularly so because everyone knows its absurdity and ridiculousness, but still carries on nonetheless. This is because China is still a one party dictatorship under the Communist Party. The CCP has committed many atrocities that [...] Keep reading »
China Change Civil Disobedience in Sodom – A Letter to Xu Zhiyong
Guo Yushan, August 10, 2013 That government, powerful as it was, didn’t scare me into doing anything unjust.                                                                — Ascribed to Socrates by Plato in The Apology Zhiyong, Congratulations for having been put in jail. I have been worrying that, i [...] Keep reading »
China Change Urban Grid Management and Police State in China: A Brief Overview
By Wu Qiang, published: August 12, 2014 A model for a contemporary police state. Urban grid system is nothing new. In ancient Rome, the grid was the standard layout of military camps. Urban grid planning, from the very beginning, bore the marks of militarized management. In Beijing, the grid-like streets and alleys (hutongs) have a lot of to do wit [...] Keep reading »
China Change Why Is Constitutionalism Impossible Under the CCP?
By Xiaokai Xiang Published: July 8, 2013   The fundamental irreconcilability between constitutionalism and a Leninist political party.    Recently, China’s state-owned media has issued a number of articles bombarding constitutionalism, starting a war of words. Among these, one that is rather weighty is an editorial in the Global Times [...] Keep reading »
China Change Two Approaches to Securing Freedom in China
By Zhang Dajun   The appeal of a revolution is gaining momentum.   Many in China are fighting for freedom. People with different worldviews have their own perspectives on how best to achieve this goal. These people fall into two groups. The first favors a gradual and linear transition from tyranny to freedom. The other sees no way other t [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Last Ten Years
By Xu Zhiyong China’s rights movement through the work of Gong Meng.    1 April 25, 2003, as SARS emptied out the streets in Beijing, I sat in front of my computer reading about the Sun Zhigang (孙志刚) coverage, tears quietly welling up in my eyes. Over the second half of 2002, I had started to investigate the laws concerning custody a [...] Keep reading »
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