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China Change Beijing Observation: Document No. 9 Regresses Further from “5 Nos”
By Gao Yu, published: May 16, 2013 Walk through the recent ideology bugle call that accumulated in CCP General Office’s Document No. 9 in late April, and observe the mindset of Chinese leaders and their frantic effort to take control of public expression, with Beijing-based independent journalist and commentator Gao Yu. The “5 Nos” (五 [...] Keep reading »
China Change Assessing the State of Nerves of the CCP
This past week was, by any measure, an interesting week in China. Last Saturday, May 4th, Chengdu residents planned, after days of online mobilization, to have a “stroll” in a downtown area protesting an oil refinery and petrochemical plant known as the PX project to be built in Pengzhou, about 30 kilometers away from the city. People worried a [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Ya’an Earthquake: Donation Revolt in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
By Qing Lang, translated by Jack Qing Lang (晴朗) is a commentator for Radio Free Asia’s Cantonese service. You can read the original here. Whether or not the Ya’an earthquake was a man-made disaster, whether or not the Three Gorges Dam influenced Sichuan’s geological structure, these are not questions that a short commentary is able to ans [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Anxiety of a Propaganda Chief in the Face of Media Changes
By Song Zhibiao, published: April 28, 2013   Recently, the standing vice-director of Shaanxi provincial propaganda department Ren Xianliang (任贤良) published an article entitled How the Party Should Manage the Media in the New Era in which he evaluated the present media circumstances (China Media Project has a roundup about Ren Xianliang [...] Keep reading »
China Change This Is the Reason Chinese Netizens Believe Why “Django Unchained” Was Barred
Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar-winning film Django Unchained was slated to open in Chinese theaters on April 11, and Tarantino was reported to have edited the film himself so as to satisfy the Chinese censors. And obviously he succeeded. At the last minute though on Thursday, Chinese authorities ordered the movie to be pulled from theaters, and the o [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Coming Information Totalitarianism in China
“A longer, more pessimistic outlook [than the Economist’s special report on China’s internet].“ – the author By Mo Zhixu, published: April 6, 2013   On March 28, the General Office of the State Council issued a “Notice about the Division of Labor in Implementing ‘the Plan for the State Council’s Institutional Reform and [...] Keep reading »
China Change Changing China through Mandarin
By Teng Biao, translated by Rogier Creemers Teng Biao (滕彪) is a well-known legal scholar and rights lawyer in China. Read the original here.   Even in Robinson’s world of one man, his life required information, reflection and memory. Human society not having information is even more impossible to imagine. It may be said that a person [...] Keep reading »
China Change Why Aren’t Shanghaiers Angry? An Online Discussion
When the number of dead pigs over Huangpu River reached 6,000 a few days ago, I tweeted, puzzled by the lack of public outcry in Shanghai, “Shanghaiers, how many dead pigs do there have to be before you go to the streets to protest? Can you give us a number?” Now the number has more than doubled, and the Shanghaiers are still cool as a cucumber [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Artificial, Shameful and Evil Supreme Body of State Power
By Xu Zhiyong, published: March 11, 2013     To the regular readers of this blog, Dr. Xu Zhiyong (许志永) is no stranger. He’s one of the founders of Gong Meng (公盟), or Open Constitution Initiative, a Beijing-based NGO dedicated to providing legal assistance to the disempowered and to developing civil society. As hundreds of others, Dr. [...] Keep reading »
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