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China Change The Triumph of Propaganda
By Chang Ping, published: September 4, 2014   The U. S. National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) recently issued a report titled Curriculum and Ideology which stated that the Chinese Communist government’s ideological education was startlingly effective: the textbooks for the course “ideology and politics” used since the 2004 curricul [...] Keep reading »
China Change Lies Not a Part of Diversity of Views
By Chang Ping, published: August 30, 2014   (This is Chang Ping’s fourth rebuttal, also declined publication by Deutsche Welle, to Frank Sieren’s defense of the Tiananmen massacre, the “right to forget,” and his accusation that some criticisms against the Chinese government are gross exaggerations (links in German) in the Sieren vs. [...] Keep reading »
China Change How Brainwashing Works in China
By Chang Ping, published: August 30, 2014   (This is Chang Ping’s third rebuttal, declined publication by Deutsche Welle, to Frank Sieren’s defense of the Tiananmen massacre and the “right to forget“  (links in German) in the Sieren vs. Chang Ping debate earlier this year in DW about the June 4th massacre in 1989 in China. Read Ti [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Advent of a National LAN in China
By Mo Zhixu, published: July 3, 2014   China has severed Google services for several weeks now and there are no signs of service returning. Blocking Google has inconvenienced many people, among them Gmail users, teachers and students who use Google for academic research, and more. To this day, China has completely blocked the world’s four mo [...] Keep reading »
China Change Young Chinese Twitter User Arrested for Proposing Method to Spread Truth about June 4th Massacre
By China Change, published: June 9, 2014   On Monday, June 9th, China’s state-run media outlet China News (中新网) reported that Beijing police had arrested a 22-year-old young female by the family name Zhao for posting an article on Twitter that teaches how to use a pseudo base station “to send illegal information.” According to the [...] Keep reading »
China Change Circumstances of My Dismissal from Tencent
 By Zhang Jialong, published: May 24, 2014   On May 20th, I was notified by the department head at Tencent that I was being suspended, citing radical expressions I made in my meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry earlier this year and the propaganda directives I publicized online. I was told that I would receive a final decision [...] Keep reading »
China Change Internet Freedom in China: A Menace that Must Be Removed
By Mo Zhixu, published: March 14, 2014   After 1992, as the old planned economy disintegrated in China, and as the USSR and the Eastern European bloc collapsed rapidly, the Chinese communist regime adopted market-oriented economic policies to further open up to the west, making economic development its foundation for maintaining power. “Join [...] Keep reading »
China Change Fury and Angst — The Recent Confrontation between State Media and Social Media in China
By Jia Jia, published: February 23, 2014   A few years down the road, when we look back on the recent Dongguan anti-prostitution crackdown (东莞扫黄) during the Chinese New Year holidays, we will perhaps realize that it was a monumental turning point in the evolution of Chinese politics.  In my own view, it marks the first time that China [...] Keep reading »
China Change Current Rumor Crackdown in China a Tip of a Large Policy Iceberg
By Rogier Creemers, published: September 18, 2013 First published at as part of the conversation What’s Behind China’s Recent Internet Crackdown   I’d say that the current rumor crackdown is just the tip of a very large policy iceberg. Internet control sits at the confluence of a number of policy streams, which together c [...] Keep reading »
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