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China Change ‘The Zhaos’ — The Demarcation of a Divide
By Song Zhibiao, Qiao Mu, and Mo Zhixu, published: January 6, 2016   As the year 2015 was drawing to its end, a new expression was born on China’s social media: “the Zhaos” (“赵家人”).  New phrases pop up regularly online in China, but “the Zhaos” has been hailed as revolutionary. Never has an expression captured the essence [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Glory and Suffering of Pu Zhiqiang
By Mo Zhixu, published: December 21, 2015 “Pu Zhiqiang has many facets to his character. He is a rights lawyer, an Internet opinion leader, and a dissident, in the broader sense of the word. His commitments and pursuits over the past 26 years help to explain how Pu has come to be so influential.”     On December 14, 2015, renowned hum [...] Keep reading »
China Change Fear of Losing Control: Why China Is Implementing an Internet Security Law
By Mo Zhixu, published: October 4, 2015 “[T]he existence of a relatively free, relaxed, and anonymous Internet for the regime is ‘the root of all evil.'”   August 5 was the last day that opinions were solicited by the government for its new Internet Security Law, meaning that in the near future the legislation will be formall [...] Keep reading »
China Change Weibo Is Dying Out
By @beidaijin, published: February 17, 2014 Total control that leaves no stone unturned.    In November, 2014, suddenly announced that it would close down its microblog service, or Weibo. Three months ago, announced that it would not add new features to its microblog service. It is unsure how long qq’s microblog will last before [...] Keep reading »
China Change Zuckerberg Is Not Exactly Being Honest about Defending Freedom of Expression
By Tsering Woeser, published: January 14, 2015   Following the massacre of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, millions of people, including leaders from over 40 countries, went to the streets of Paris on January 11th to condemn terrorism and reiterate their determination to defend freedom of expression. Two days earlier, Mark Zuckerberg, founder [...] Keep reading »
China Change Faith in Addition to Face – To Facebook, Inc.
By Tsering Woeser, published: December 30, 2014   On December 26, 2014, I reposted on my Facebook page a video of Tibetan Buddhist monk Kalsang Yeshe’s self-immolation that occurred on December 23 [in Tawu county, Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province, China], accompanied by an excerpted report explaining that self-immolatio [...] Keep reading »
China Change Young IT Professional Detained for Developing Software to Scale GFW of China
By China Change, published: November 12, 2014     A 31-year-old Chinese IT professional named Xu Dong (许东, @onionhacker) was detained on November 4th by Beijing police for “picking quarrels and creating disturbances,” according to tweeted posted by Chinese activist Wu Gan (吴淦), better known by his online ID “Butcher” (屠 [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Triumph of Propaganda
By Chang Ping, published: September 4, 2014   The U. S. National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) recently issued a report titled Curriculum and Ideology which stated that the Chinese Communist government’s ideological education was startlingly effective: the textbooks for the course “ideology and politics” used since the 2004 curricul [...] Keep reading »
China Change Lies Not a Part of Diversity of Views
By Chang Ping, published: August 30, 2014   (This is Chang Ping’s fourth rebuttal, also declined publication by Deutsche Welle, to Frank Sieren’s defense of the Tiananmen massacre, the “right to forget,” and his accusation that some criticisms against the Chinese government are gross exaggerations (links in German) in the Sieren vs. [...] Keep reading »
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