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China Change The Passing of Havel, the Passing of Me
— Speech on the Opening Ceremony of Book World Prague By  Liao Yiwu, published: December 9, 2013 In the spring of 1994, not long after I had been released from prison, a friend brought me a copy of The Collected Works of Vaclav Havel through underground channels. It was the earliest Chinese translation published by Hong Kong Radical Press an [...] Keep reading »
China Change A Farewell to CCTV – A Few True Words for Our Era
By Wang Qinglei, published: December 9, 2013 On November 27th, 2013, I finished all of the paperwork and walked out of China Central Television’s east gate, the place where I had worked for ten years. It was the coldest day in Beijing since winter began this year. The only warmth I was able to feel was from the comment an old, retired “auntie [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Southern Street Movement
The first overview in English. By China Change, published October 19, 2013   In recent years, street banner protests have become an emerging phenomena in China. We often see photos of petitioners rolling out banners to protest injustice or forced demolitions. But prior to this year, when the Chinese government launched a more severe crackdown [...] Keep reading »
China Change In the Prison of China – The Journey of Dr. Wang Bingzhang (2)
By Yaxue Cao, published: October 4, 2013   Abandoning Medicine to Become a Democracy Leader The same day Wang Bingzhang completed his dissertation defense in September 1982, he asked his brother Bingwu, an engineering graduate student also attending McGill University, about future options. To return to China in glory and enjoy boundless prospects [...] Keep reading »
China Change In the Prison of China – The Journey of Dr. Wang Bingzhang (1)
By Yaxue Cao, published: October 1, 2013   About Dr. Wang Bingzhang, the first distinction is that he was among the first Chinese students sent overseas to study science and technology by the Chinese government when Deng Xiaoping opened up the country in 1977 after the death of Mao Zedong.  In 1982, when studying abroad was hardly a comprehensibl [...] Keep reading »
China Change Bo Xilai Might Be Done with but Chongqing Model Lives on
By Mo Zhixu, published: September 30, 2013     On Sunday, September 22, 2013, Jinan Intermediate Court sentenced Bo Xilai to life imprisonment while stripping him of his political rights for life. As such, the incident begun by Wang Lijun (王立军) entering the US Consulate in Chengdu on February 6, 2012, has come to an end nineteen months [...] Keep reading »
China Change What Is a “Same-city Dinner Gathering?”
By Xiao Guozhen, published: September 22, 2013   In the citizens’ movement that is flourishing across China, there are activities called “same-city dinner gatherings” (“同城饭醉“). Well-known Beijing Rights lawyer Xiao Guozhen (肖国珍) was a participant in such gatherings. Xiao Guozhen is currently visiting America and rec [...] Keep reading »
China Change Before His Arrest, Wang Gongquan Said
By Fan Chenggang, published September 17, 2013   On August 30, I interviewed Wang Gongquan (王功权) in a café. He told me that two days ago a policeman had warned him not to be too direct and too radical. The policeman talked to him for about an hour at a small table in a park. His friends worried about him and warned him. Wang Gongquan said h [...] Keep reading »
China Change Who Are the Enemies of China?
By Xu Zhiyong, published: September 11, 2013   A Look Back in History Who are the enemies of China? It used to be a horrifying question. History books used to say that imperialist America was China’s enemy, and John Leighton Stuart, who was taunted by Mao Zedong, represented the ugly image of American imperialism. In recent years however, w [...] Keep reading »
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