News Story of the Week

Each week I’m going to try to choose the one must read news article key for your understanding of all the ways in which China is changing as it adjusts to its new role in world affairs.

As a person who reads too many news sites, I can tell you this week was really hard to pick. There was continuing tension in the Koreas, a certain prize being given out to a certain guy that we can’t talk about (I tried, and it didn’ go well), or new measures aimed at ending widespread corruption (which was the most exciting news of the week).

Luckily I found this wonderful article from the New Yorker focused on the Top China Myths for 2010.

It’s a great short article and I think they are correct on every count but one. The pollution monitoring website has stopped updating hourly , and does not show a pollutant break down (it would be nice to have an idea how much diesel fumes I breathed in on my walk home, my lungs were burning). Also the most polluted cities conveniently have “no current information”

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