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Week 1 is done

Thanks to everyone who has checked out the blog so far. This first week had over 150 views, which I will count as a big success. I plan on continuing to update the blog 4-5x a week.

If you are enjoying learning about China, and my life there, I hope you will share the blog with someone else. I also hope that you will take advantage of leaving me comments or questions. I have too much free time, and will always respond. If you have something specific you would like to hear more about, I am always open to suggestions.


  1. Westlake says:

    You as an American really get to know the fact how an unveiled China look like. I admire your kind heart and dedication to the kids in China.
    Hope China will become a good land some day, not for the rulers, but for the people, just as its name indicated.

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