Live from China its Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve here in China, since we are 13 hours ahead of New York, and a full 17 hours ahead of Seattle.

My Chinese co-worker, Grace, is attending her daughter’s class Christmas party. Which includes a small gift exchange, performances and food ordered from KFC (at the parents’ expense of course). Grace and her daughter have prepared this cookie song (below), after which they will hand out knock off Oreos to all the other children. The rough idea of the song is about making cookies and then eating them. (“Little friends, isn’t it interesting to make cookies?!”)

One of my students/doctors, is going to be taking his family out for a nice dinner on Christmas eve (ironically in China they all eat western food on Christmas eve, and in the States the only thing that’s open is Chinese). After that he will take his son to the store to buy some presents and a Christmas tree. apparently I was not quick enough in my Christmas lesson to explain that he should have done that a month ago.

For the young Doctor, who isn’t married yet, he will be taking his fiance out to a fancy dinner and a movie. Their parents have no interest in Christmas.

Other doctors will simply do nothing, since their spouses will be on duty for Christmas.

My wife and I have a cozy day full of nothing to do, which will be nice. In the evening our British friend will come over for a small meal, and we’ll probably pray and play board games.

On Christmas we will call every part of our family and try not to think about how badly we wish we were with them. It’s especially tough this year with the niece and nephew having their first Christmas without us.

I hope all of you have an incredibly Merry Christmas with your families, and remember that you are truly blessed.

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