Intercultural Weddings revisited

Over the next few days we’ll be looking at three different interracial marriages, though this time, it is the woman who is non-Chinese. First though I thought it might be beneficial for us to take a look back on some of the other posts on this topic (to date, the topic I have written the most about).

In the past we have looked at weddings in modern China, and saw that family obligations still often trump personal desires.

We also looked at intercultural weddings where the men are foreigners. We saw two wonderful examples of true love, that were at times viewed as foreign men “stealing” Chinese women.

In these upcoming guest posts it is interesting to note how often race is mentioned in connection to status. Specifically that Jo, who is an African-American woman, is not viewed in the same way as Sara, who is Finnish. Also I hope you will enjoy Heather’s discussion of her own marriage, and the challenges she faced in striking a balance between Eastern and Western traditions, which is something each of these women continue to strive for in their relationships.

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  1. Sara says:

    Before my Mom sees this I have to make clear that me and my boyfriend aren’t married yet.

    I’m waiting eagerly what Jo and Heather wrote about their marriages and perhaps I can get some advice for the future.

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