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I’m heading out for project visits in some of China’s poorest regions for about a week, and I’m unsure of whether or not I will have internet access during that time. The trip should give me a few new stories to share with you here on as well as a better understanding of what is happening in the countryside (especially in terms of poverty reduction and the spread of Christianity). Hopefully, I’ll be able to put up a post or two while I’m away – and Yaxue will be sharing Heard on Weibo with you this weekend.

In the meantime I strongly recommend checking out China: Traditions and Transformations, which is a great open Harvard course. The class is an excellent overview of Chinese history and explores how China’s history is presented today and how those interpretations shape China’s view of itself and the world. The course is meant as an introduction to the topic, and is taught in a fun and interesting way (as far as lectures go).

I would also suggest checking out Pathlight magazine, which focuses on Chinese literature and just published their second issue. You can download the latest issue for free either in Epub (for a lot of E-readers) or Mobi (for Kindle) formats. I will be  bringing it with me while I travel.

Also, it never hurts to browse through the archives and catch up on old posts if you are new to the blog (there’s almost 400 now and I covered a lot of the big topics early on).

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  1. Have a great trip Tom. Be safe!

  2. Elin says:

    Thanks for the great tips, will most definitely check them both out. Enjoy the trip!

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