Video of CECC Hearing on Chen Guangcheng

I have been asked several times today for link to yesterday’s Congressional-Executive Commission on China hearing on Chen Guangcheng. I thought I may as well put it here for your convenience.

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  1. Meryl Mackay aka 马美丽 says:

    Dear Yaxue, I finally got around to watching the video of the CECC Hearing on Chen Guangcheng and I want to commend your spirited and passionate contribution to it. I found it very moving. I hope that Chen Kegui and the other Chen family members come through this ordeal but realistically I think they are going to suffer. Thank you for highlighting their predicament. I contribute via Amnesty International in the hope that it helps.

    • Yaxue C. says:

      美丽,thank you so much for taking time to watch it. I could have spoken better if I had time to prepare a little bit. My heart is still hanging in my throat, as the Chinese would say, as whether CGC and family will be able to leave and his nephew Kegui’s case will work out not too grotesquely. Right now both seem to be heading to a hopeful direction. Hope all is fine with you and your husband.

  2. T says:

    According to the latest article from Australia, all expat-Chinese who holds foreign nationality must formally renounce Chinese citizenship BEFORE they acquire foreign citizenship (which of course directly contradicts Article 9 of Chinese Nationality Law).

    Paragraph 6: Chinese nationals must formally apply to renounce their citizenship before taking on a different nationality.

    • Yaxue C. says:

      Thanks T, for the information. I am bewildered to find I am in fact still a Chinese national while posessing a US passport! All I have to say to the Chinese Foreign Minister is, “Good Grief! Can you please read your own law before making yourself a fool?”

      Of course for the Chinese government, my all-time all-purpose question has been, “Are you a government or a thug?”

      • T says:

        It appears Australian Senator Bob Carr was misinformed by Australia’s ambassador to China Frances Adamson according to paragraph 5. However it’s an easy guess who gave the misinformation to Australian’s ambassador to China. Unfortunately such an interpretation even misinformed conveniently provides the current Australian government with political cover to continue justifying leaving 3 of its jailed citizens behind in Shanghai without applying much pressure for their fair treatment. The case recalls the fate of American Citizen Jude Shao who was left behind in China (for doing the opposite of what Stern Hu was accused of doing – and went to jail for not bribing officials). It certainly is damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

        It’s interesting in the same article (paragraph 13) it is alluded China’s view is the ANZUS treaty ( is a cold war relic. It is clear China is conducting a foreign policy offensive to undo America’s super power status in the world, beginning with its historical treaties and alliances with other Western governments. And they appear to be succeeding judging by the tepid responses from democratic governments such as Australia.

        Paragraph 10 alludes from a consulate source that expat Chinese are getting into more trouble in China. Have we become the new “Jews” to 1930s National Socialist Germany while Western governments were mired in the Great Depression and play the appeasement as Neville Chamberlain? No wonder the Chinese calendar cycles every 60 years, because histories tend to repeat every 60 years that coincides with cycle of past lessons unlearned.

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