Are the Chinese People Undefeatable?  

By Niu Lehou, published: August 26, 2015

The devastation and fear in Tianjin are hardly over. Anticipating the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping making a declaration that “the Chinese people are undefeatable” in the upcoming military parade celebrating the anti-Japanese victory 70 years ago, we offer you a translation of an internet gem by an anonymous writer with the online handle “Niu Lehou” (“牛乐吼”).  It was written in response to the same declaration made by the then Premier Wen Jiabao in the wake of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. – The Editors


Taking advantage of the time between the Wenchuan earthquake and its two aftershocks, Comrade Jiabao was duping his compatriots again, who were still reeling and dizzy from the quake, with his declaration that: “The Chinese people are undefeatable!”

This is utterly disrespectful of history and the reality of today.


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We don’t have to go that far back. Just take the Treaty of Shimonoseki at the conclusion of the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-95), settled with a cash payment by China and the ceding of Taiwan—were the Chinese people defeated, or not? How about when the Eight Nation Alliance invaded China and put down the Boxer rebellion—were the Chinese people defeated, or not? Or in the Second World War, when China was almost ruined, saved by America and Russia who fought down the Japanese, allowing us to keep the joss sticks burning while struggling on the verge of death? But now we don’t thank our benefactors, instead we deceive others and ourselves and declare that we can’t be defeated.

Or we could discuss natural disasters: How about the tens of millions of Chinese who died in famine, floods, droughts, landslides and pestilence, going to meet their maker before their time had come, who couldn’t eat their fill while they lived and didn’t have a patch of dirt for their corpses when they died—do these unfortunates and bitter ghosts, once they arrive at the mouth of Comrade Jiabao, all become beings with remarkable abilities, great generals who’ve never lost a battle? What did they defeat? The hundreds of thousands who died in the Tangshan (唐山) earthquake, or the 70,000-80,000 in the Sichuan earthquake, lost their homes, families, and their own lives. What did they win?

When the Chinese people encountered the Communist Party, it was even more an utter routing, too horrible to tell. For over 60 years, in the clutches of the Communist Party, they’ve been ravaged, trampled, shamed, had their houses raided, been exiled, brainwashed, and executed. 19 years ago [in 1989] they summoned up the rare courage to rally for a battle on the Tiananmen Square and in Muxidi (木樨地) on Chang’an Avenue, but lost their makeshift helmets and armor and the streets were strewn with their bodies. From that point on their waist has been fractured, their back broken, and they still haven’t recovered today.  

Are the Chinese people really unbeatable? No. They can not only be beaten, but they’re easy to beat. And more, after beating them, you can subjugate them with simple methods. The Chinese are much easier to handle than the people of Iraq. First, the Party went around lynching and murdering them for no reason, made the streets run with blood, then it picked a few to rehabilitate and paid them a few dozen yuan compensation each month. Just like that, the Chinese wiped off with one stroke the hatred from their fathers, wives, and children being killed. Everyone was immersed in the benevolence of the Party, like a child who doesn’t blame his mother for being ugly, or a dog who doesn’t mind if his kennel is dirty.

The Chinese people don’t even know when they’ve been defeated. They’re a well-behaved people who remember being fed, but not being beaten.

When they fought with Heaven, the Chinese people lost; when they fought with earth, they lost; when they fought with the Communist Party, they got so badly beaten they lost their pants.

The one who truly can’t be defeated is the Chinese Communist Party: they won’t freeze to death in a blizzard, they won’t drown in a flood, and an earthquake doesn’t kill them either. In their long term battle against the Chinese people, they have been invincible, flying their flags high, winning every battle, and declaring victories over and over again.


Niu Lehou (牛乐吼), an anonymous Internet writer.  



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