Busy Hating!

By Anonymous, March 8, 2017

This poem is making rounds on Chinese social media as execrable protests against South Korea over THAAD deployment continue across the country.  Enjoy. – The Editors



In the morning I hate America
After lunchtime I hate Korea
In the evening, I hate the Japanese
I have to squeeze in hate for Singapore and the Taiwanese
Then at night when I dream
I hate on Vietnam and the Philippines

On Monday I oppose Korea
On Tuesday, Japan
On Wednesday, it’s the Americans
On Thursday I oppose the independence of Taiwan
Friday, that of Hong Kong
Come Saturday, against independence in Tibet is what I am
On the Sabbath, it’s that of Uyghurs in Xinjiang

My life is so wonderful and rich
Of everything else, I have no time to think or bitch



Translated by China Change.


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  2. I translated the poem into German and put it on my blog. See here: http://banianerguotoukeyihe.com/2017/03/08/stress/

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  5. Carlos M says:

    Chinese people: amazingly pushy. Like the world is running out of..everything. More like children in a candy store, who have never seen such wonder. But I suppose if you had nothing, and were by and large ignorant of everything outside of your loud and crowded world, the sudden exposure to goods, services and pleasures would be too much to comprehend. But to be so unaware; so completely “me, me, me,” is practically bizarre. I avoid them at all costs. Yuck.

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