Shanghai Spring

China Change, May 11, 2022, Updated on May 17, 2022

“Shanghai Spring” is a sequel to “LOCKDOWN Shanghai 2022”, posted on China Change’s YouTube channel on April 9, 2022. The sequel is a compilation of 200 more select video clips and stills from Shanghai, taken mostly between April 10 and May 10. In ten segments, it offers a comprehensive view of the current Shanghai lockdown, an event that is bound to have political, economic, and social repercussions in China far beyond Covid control. 100 minutes.

Originally posted on May 11, Shanghai Spring was removed by YouTube on May 17 “for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.” To make the film available again to viewers, the revised edition takes out three scenes of suicide. However, viewers should keep in mind that cleansing these scenes does not change the fact that many suicides occurred in Shanghai as a result of harsh, inhumane lockdown.

Click on the time stamp below to watch a specific segment.

“上海之春” 是改变中国 YouTube 频道4月9日发布的 “上海封城2022” 的续集。续集选择200个左右来自上海的视频和静图编辑而成,分为10个部分,是对上海封城事件的一个相对完整的观照。上海2022年春天封城的意义和后果绝不止于新冠病毒疫情防控;它必将对中国政治、经济和社会产生深远影响。100分钟。

原片于5月11日首次上传YouTube,但是 YouTube 5月17日删除了本片,理由是本片“违反了社区规则”。我们因此对原片进行了修改,删去了三个自杀场面。然而,我们应该记住的是,清除影片中的自杀场面,并不能改变上海封城期间发生过大量自杀悲剧这个事实。


1. Food / 食物 1:098:12

2. Resist Incessant Testing / 抵制核酸检测 8:129:45

3. Oppose Hard Lockup / 反对硬隔离 9:4515:27

4. The Collapse of Residential Committees / 居委会面临崩溃 15:2733:09

5. Mass Quarantine / 方舱 33:0949:32

6. Collateral Damage / 次生灾害 49:321:01:10

7. Resumption of Work & Production / 复工复产 1:01:101:04:28

8. Shanghainese Speak / 上海人如是说 1:04:281:14:41

9. Opposition and Protest / 反对与抗议 1:14:411:38:27

10. The Die Has Been Cast /动态清零毫不动摇 1:38:27 – The End

China Change


May 17, 2022

LOCKDOWN Shanghai 2022 – A Montage of 100+ Videos and Stills

(We do not know why YouTube placed age-restriction on the first compilation. That’s why it has not been posted on China Change website. Despite the restriction, it has had 99,100 views on YouTube as of today.)

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