The 6th China Human Rights Lawyers Day: Recording and Full Text

July 25, 2022

(Program starts at 2’10”)

China Disbars Lawyers to Remove a Perceived Threat / 中國人權律师被剝奪執業權

In a very real sense, the 709 Crackdown is still ongoing. Over the years following the initial campaign to arrest and torture human rights lawyers, China has disbarred over 40 lawyers for representing clients in human rights cases. As recently as in 2021, for example, China disbarred seven lawyers. For the 6th China Human Rights Lawyers Day, we interviewed eight lawyers to discuss the issue — five of them are 709 detainees (Li Heping, Wang Yu, Sui Muqing, Xie Yanyi, and Ren Quanqiu), and three are lawyers who took up the defense of their detained colleagues (Wen Donghai, Lin Qilei, and Lu Siwei). We apologize for the poor visual quality because we couldn’t have sent a film crew as it’s too dangerous to do so. But as always, we are grateful to see them and hear them in their own words. 20 minutes.

第六屆中國人權律師節採訪了八位近年被吊銷或註銷執照的人權律師,其中五位709律師 (李和平,王宇,隋牧青,謝燕益,任全牛),三位709辯護律師 (文東海,藺其磊,盧思位),討論他們被吊銷或註銷執照的所謂“原因”、過程,並講述他們對人權律師生涯的感受,分析中國人權律師的處境。20分鐘。

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