The Battle of the Hong Kong Alliance to Keep Memory of June 4th Alive: A Mini Documentary

September 20, 2022

On June 1, 2, and 3, 2021, Stand News in Hong Kong ran a three-part feature story titled The Battle of the ‘Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China’: 1989-2021. This 17-minute short, subtitled by China Change, is a documentary accompanying the feature story in which you see and hear some key members of the Alliance speaking before their arrests.

Through interviews with several current and former members of the Alliance’s Standing Committee and longtime volunteers, supplemented with research into the Alliance’s reports and meeting records, the Stand News feature and its short documentary together present perhaps the most in-depth story of the Hong Kong Alliance from 1989 to 2021: its beginning in May 1989 in support of the student protests in Beijing; the June 4th candlelight vigil in Victoria Park for 30 years; the many human vignettes and poignant moments in between; the arrests of its Standing Committee members under the new National Security Law in Hong Kong; the disbandment; and establishment of the June 4th Museum and its forced shutdown.

The saga of the Hong Kong Alliance is a part of the social movements in Hong Kong and it is also an indelible part of the democracy movement in China. On September 24, 2021, the day before the Hong Kong Alliance voted to disband itself, Stand News published a follow-up piece providing a timely update on the situation the Alliance found itself in and the issue of the historical narrative surrounding June 4th and the 1989 democracy movement.

Stand News itself was forced to cease operations on December 29, 2021.

Last month, China Change translated the Stand News’ series in full into English and published them in seven installments: : One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven.

2021年6月初,香港《立場新聞》連續三天刊載《支聯會的戰役 1989-2021》,《支聯會的戰役 1989-2021》以文字及影像完整地紀錄支聯會一路走來的興衰。《立場新聞》通過對支聯會多位常委、義工進行訪談,並查閱支聯會會務報告、會議記錄,對支聯會的故事進行了相對完整的講述,將維園燭光被消滅、組織被解散、常委們被拘捕,以至六四紀念館被清洗的過程記錄了下來。同年9月24日,在支聯會解散前一天,《立場新聞》發表了《支聯會的戰役 – 四》,對支聯會及其常委當時的狀況以及未來進行了後續報導,並討論了六四記憶未來面臨的挑戰。支聯會的故事是整個中國民主運動、香港社會運動重要的組成部分;這個專題則是一份彌足珍貴的記錄。改變中國全文翻譯了《支聯會的戰役》,以饗世界讀者。立場新聞原文鏈接如下:

支聯會的戰役 一

支聯會的戰役 二

支聯會的戰役 三

支聯會的戰役 四

本片為立場新聞為這個系列製作的一部短片,將最後一屆常委被捕前的音容、心志與記憶存留下來。改變中國 China Change 為此短片加了英文字幕。17分鐘。


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