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China Change China’s SOE Reform: Privatization or Taking over the Private Sector?
By He Qinglian, published: September 30, 2015   A flood of commentary has come out since the release of the long-anticipated Guiding Opinions on Strengthening and Reform of State-Owned Enterprises (《中共中央、国务院关于深化国有企业改革的指导意见》; “SOE Reform Program” or “Program” hereafter), jointly issued b [...] Keep reading »
China Change Engaging China with Moral and Strategic Clarity
By Yang Jianli and Han Lianchao, published: September 26, 2015   26 years ago, after the bloody massacre in Beijing in 1989, we came to Washington to urge the U.S. government to link China’s most-favored-nation (MFN) status to China’s respect for human rights. Without such a linkage, we argued, continuing normal trade with China would be l [...] Keep reading »
China Change What’s the Murderous Intention Behind “Don’t Let Li Ka-shing Run Away”?
By Xiao Zhonghua, published: September 19, 2015 “Everyone understands that, in China, the real estate business is closely entwined with power, and it has no way to succeed without the backing of political connections. Therefore, wealth generated from real estate is not wealth generated completely from the market economy. [He] can’t exit just be [...] Keep reading »
China Change From China, Messages to President Obama Before Xi Jinping’s Visit (1)
Liu Shihui, human rights lawyer, September 16, 2015   The Chinese stock market crashed again today (September 15), with multiple market indices reaching their yearly lows. As they plummeted, Xi Jinping’s dream of a heavy-handed market rescue was irreparably shattered. As the economy enters a quagmire, Li Ka-shing (李嘉诚), the richest [...] Keep reading »
China Change What Were Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communists Doing Around the Time of the Cairo Conference?
By Yang Jianli, published: September 1, 2015 “At the time of the Cairo Conference, although the US military had already gained the upper hand in the Pacific and was actively planning an Allied invasion of Europe, and despite the first glimmerings of hope for an Allied victory over Germany, Italy and Japan, another threat was already taking sh [...] Keep reading »
China Change The U.S. Was the True Mainstay in the Fight Against Japan in World War II
By Han Lianchao, published: August 31, 2015 “When the Chinese people and the Chinese nation were in peril, the United States came to the rescue and asked for nothing in return. The U.S. never occupied a single inch of Chinese territory, never reaped any particular reward.”    I At 9:00 A.M. on September 2nd, 1945 (September 1st, U.S. time [...] Keep reading »
China Change Are the Chinese People Undefeatable?  
By Niu Lehou, published: August 26, 2015 The devastation and fear in Tianjin are hardly over. Anticipating the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping making a declaration that “the Chinese people are undefeatable” in the upcoming military parade celebrating the anti-Japanese victory 70 years ago, we offer you a translation of an internet gem [...] Keep reading »
China Change Celebrating an Anti-Fascist Victory or a Fascist Victory?
By Chang Ping, published: August 24, 2015 “Watching the news lately, one feels nauseated by the stark contrasts. On the one hand, you have the Tianjin blasts, where you see how poor the governance was before the explosions and how chaotic the aftermath. On the other, you have the military parade to celebrate victory in the Anti-Japanese War, wher [...] Keep reading »
China Change You’ve Got Candles, I’ve Got a Whip
By Jia Jia, published: August 16, 2015 “Stop lighting your candles. Pick up a leather lash, and flog hard those derelict in their duty who treat human lives like dirt.”     For the last two nights, seeing candles across my computer screen, I’ve wanted to burst out with curses: So you’ve got candles, but is that all you’ve got? O [...] Keep reading »
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