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China Change Has Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Been Derailed?
By Hu Ping, published: June 15, 2015 “Anti-corruption is a double-edged sword: while it strikes Party cadres who violate discipline and the law, it hurts the Party organization, and damages the image of the Party. For every official that’s punished, the hurt he personally suffers is nothing compared to the harm done to the Party organization. [...] Keep reading »
China Change How the Tiananmen Massacre Changed China, and the World
By Hu Ping, translated by Matthew Robertson, June 2, 2015 “What we need to grasp is that the existence of a political system that is so perverse in its reason, and so unfair and unjust to its subjects, is an open taunt to the conscience and sense of justice of humanity. The international rise of that system, too, is perforce a threat to free [...] Keep reading »
China Change China Is Not A Normal Country
By Chang Ping, published: December 22, 2014   On 19 April this year, at the UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review held in Geneva, while Ti-Anna Wang, the daughter of the democracy activist Wang Bingzhang, whom a Chinese court had sentenced to life imprisonment, was giving testimony on her father’s behalf, a man photographed her [...] Keep reading »
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