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China Change The U.S. Was the True Mainstay in the Fight Against Japan in World War II
By Han Lianchao, published: August 31, 2015 “When the Chinese people and the Chinese nation were in peril, the United States came to the rescue and asked for nothing in return. The U.S. never occupied a single inch of Chinese territory, never reaped any particular reward.”    I At 9:00 A.M. on September 2nd, 1945 (September 1st, U.S. time [...] Keep reading »
China Change Are the Chinese People Undefeatable?  
By Niu Lehou, published: August 26, 2015 The devastation and fear in Tianjin are hardly over. Anticipating the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping making a declaration that “the Chinese people are undefeatable” in the upcoming military parade celebrating the anti-Japanese victory 70 years ago, we offer you a translation of an internet gem [...] Keep reading »
China Change Celebrating an Anti-Fascist Victory or a Fascist Victory?
By Chang Ping, published: August 24, 2015 “Watching the news lately, one feels nauseated by the stark contrasts. On the one hand, you have the Tianjin blasts, where you see how poor the governance was before the explosions and how chaotic the aftermath. On the other, you have the military parade to celebrate victory in the Anti-Japanese War, wher [...] Keep reading »
China Change You’ve Got Candles, I’ve Got a Whip
By Jia Jia, published: August 16, 2015 “Stop lighting your candles. Pick up a leather lash, and flog hard those derelict in their duty who treat human lives like dirt.”     For the last two nights, seeing candles across my computer screen, I’ve wanted to burst out with curses: So you’ve got candles, but is that all you’ve got? O [...] Keep reading »
China Change “Money Flies, Heart Throbs” — Recent Chinese State Media Commentaries on the Stock Market
China Change, published: July 10, 2015 Before China’s recent, painful reckoning with the share markets, official media channels were abuzz with the limitless prospects for bountiful equity prices well into the future (“decades,” one optimistic commentator intoned.) Now, as retail investors grapple with their losses, and the full extent of the [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Chinese Communists Are Not Confucianists
By Yu Ying-shih, published: July 1, 2015 The following is an unauthorized translation of an excerpt from an interview with Prof. Yu Ying-shih [via Skype] during a symposium in November 2014 marking the 65th anniversary of the founding of Hong Kong’s New Asia College (新亞書院).  Statements in parenthesis have been added, and endnotes provide [...] Keep reading »
China Change Has Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Been Derailed?
By Hu Ping, published: June 15, 2015 “Anti-corruption is a double-edged sword: while it strikes Party cadres who violate discipline and the law, it hurts the Party organization, and damages the image of the Party. For every official that’s punished, the hurt he personally suffers is nothing compared to the harm done to the Party organization. [...] Keep reading »
China Change How the Tiananmen Massacre Changed China, and the World
By Hu Ping, translated by Matthew Robertson, June 2, 2015 “What we need to grasp is that the existence of a political system that is so perverse in its reason, and so unfair and unjust to its subjects, is an open taunt to the conscience and sense of justice of humanity. The international rise of that system, too, is perforce a threat to free [...] Keep reading »
China Change China Is Not A Normal Country
By Chang Ping, published: December 22, 2014   On 19 April this year, at the UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review held in Geneva, while Ti-Anna Wang, the daughter of the democracy activist Wang Bingzhang, whom a Chinese court had sentenced to life imprisonment, was giving testimony on her father’s behalf, a man photographed her [...] Keep reading »
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