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China Change Do Not Admire the ‘Strength’ That Crushes Lives and Tramples Over Human Rights
Open Letter from Chinese Human Rights Lawyers to Republican Candidate Donald Trump March 15, 2016   According to CNN, at the televised Republican debate on March 10 the moderator put the following question to billionaire Donald Trump: “Some of your Republican critics have expressed concern about comments you have made praising authoritarian [...] Keep reading »
China Change Now You Know the Terror
By Martin Oei, published: January 17, 2016   On January 15 a video was published online showing Chou Tzu-yu (周子瑜), a 16-year-old member of the K-pop girl group Twice, apologizing for holding a Republic of China flag in a photo shoot several months ago. The video was produced and published by the group’s South Korean management company [...] Keep reading »
China Change The Two Tank Men
By Yang Jianli, published: December 7, 2015   In Washington, D.C. recently, my friend Alan Curtis invited me to watch Chimerica, which was written by the British playwright Lucy Kirkwood. The play focuses on finding clues to the identity of Tank Man, the iconic and still unknown protester from Tiananmen Square, and explores the contemporary re [...] Keep reading »
China Change China Marks First Anniversary of Constitution Day With Awkward Silence
By Bruce Lui, published December 4, 2015   The Chinese Communist Party marked the anniversary of its inaugural “National Constitution Day” on December 4 with more action than words: workers’ rights NGOs were raided and activists detained; the author of “A History of Brainwashing” was sentenced to nearly two years in prison; and a boo [...] Keep reading »
China Change Mr. Secretary General, No Need to Act So Shocked
By Chang Ping, published: October 18, 2015 “Everyone’s already used to it, and that’s precisely the problem.”   Now the United Nations has its own, China-style “big tiger.” The former head of the UN General Assembly, John Ashe, is being charged with taking bribes from numerous Chinese business interests, and was arrested ne [...] Keep reading »
China Change In the Wake of the Sino-American Summit, the Potential for a New Cold War
By Wu Qiang, published: October 12, 2015 “The coming new Cold War will be nothing less than a fight for our own freedom, a conflict in which the free world will be forced to contend with a China that is reverting to a 1984-style totalitarian state.”    Perhaps Sino-American relations really have reached a turning point: during Chi [...] Keep reading »
China Change Fear of Losing Control: Why China Is Implementing an Internet Security Law
By Mo Zhixu, published: October 4, 2015 “[T]he existence of a relatively free, relaxed, and anonymous Internet for the regime is ‘the root of all evil.'”   August 5 was the last day that opinions were solicited by the government for its new Internet Security Law, meaning that in the near future the legislation will be formall [...] Keep reading »
China Change A New Regime, Not a New Country
By Ren Zhiqiang, published: October 3, 2015 Dissent keeps rolling in, not only from “dissidents.” Over the week-long National Day holidays in China, Ren Zhiqiang (任志強), a high-profile real estate mogul who has earned the nickname “the Cannon” online for his provocative opinions, took aim at the notion of the “New China.”  To a gl [...] Keep reading »
China Change We’d Be Satisfied With Any Government!
By Chang Ping, published: October 1, 2015 “Why would the results of a poll conducted by a neutral, respected polling organization tally so closely with the propaganda of a totalitarian government?”   Can it be that 92.8% of Chinese poll respondents are truly satisfied with the Chinese central government, and that among these, 37.6% are “ [...] Keep reading »
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